Catering - Ála Carte 2014

m/y Baru-Baru catering


Coktail dishes
- salmon
- roe
- duck liver
3,50 EUR / kpl

-smoked salmon
-tuna fish
-ham and cheese
-rost beef
3,50 EUR / sandwich

Open shrimp sandwich
9,50 EUR / sandwich

Open ham sandwich
9,00 EUR / sandwich

Open Danish sandwich
11,00 EUR / sandwich

Open vegetable and cheese sandwich
9,00 EUR / kpl


Jansson’s temptation
sliced potatoes, onions and anchovies baked in cream sauce
-Salmon temptation
-Ham temptation
-Game temptation
9,50 EUR / person


Creamy smoked salmon soup
- dark malt bread
- cheese
- butter

11,00 EUR / person

Morel mushroom soup
- baquet
- fresh cheese

11,00 EUR / person

Fish and scallops soup a la Baru-Baru
- salmon
- shrimps

13,50 EUR / person

Game-mushroom ragout
-mashed potatoes with roots
-picled cucumbers

13,50 EUR / person

Buffet 1

rose-pepper marinated Baltic herring

shrimps Skagen

grilled salmon
-cold scrambled eggs with dill

roast beef rolls

mouton pate
-currant jelly

local cheese

seasons potatoes

mushroom salad

dark bread

28,50 EUR / person


Buffet 3

picled red herring
slightly salted salmon flavoured with akvavit
-mustard sauce

roasted Zucchini
-basil oil

filet of broiler marinated with mayonnaise

pate flavoured with portwine

mushrooms with dill and vinegar

boiled potatoes

malt bread

25,50 EUR / henkilö

Buffet 2

small whitefish pate

shrimps, dill and mayonnaise

broiler skewer with cesar salad

duck liver mousse

mushroom salad



knuckle of mouton
-baked roots
-broth flavoured with herbs


salmon tounedos
- mashed mushrooms

34,00 EUR / henkilö

Summer Buffet 4

grilled salmon

marinated chicken

Feta cheese with herbs

green salad


Mung beans shoots





-fresh cheese “topping”

18,20 EUR / henkilö

Menu 1

slightly salted salmon
- marinaded potatoes


meat loaf flavoured with herbs,
stuffed with fillet of hare
- cognac sauce


Coffee / Tea

36,00 EUR / person

Menu 3

assorted herrings

slightly salted salmon flavoured wit dill

mustard sauce

smoked turkey

basil sauce

liver pate

selection of bread


marinated deer steak

creamy game sauce

hash brown potatoes with cheese

32,00 EUR / person

Menu 2

Starter plate with
lamb, perchloaf, roe and roast beef roll

smoked salmon tournedo
- morel sauce
- seasons vegetables


coffee / Tea

36,50 EUR / person

Menu 4

shrimp toast
- shrimps, dill and mayonnaise


chickenfile stuffed with feta cheese
- redwine sauce


Berry “triffle”

27,00 EUR / person


Apple pie
- custard
5,00 EUR / person

Cheese plate
8,90 EUR / person

Chocolate mousse cake
- melba sauce flavoured with mango
5,50 EUR / person

Sea butbhorn berry mousse
8,00 EUR / person

pears marinated in red wime
- caramel sauce
5,50 EUR / person

Cottage cheese- strawberry cake
- mango sauce
6,00 EUR / person

Coffee or tea
3,30 EUR / person

All prices include tax fee (alv.) 14-24%

Wait 32 EUR / hour (min. 5 hours / waitress)

Transportation fee 74 EUR

Runners 7 EUR

Napkins 0,80 EUR (paper napkins include)

Theron Catering Oy
Puh. (09) 22381810, fax. (09) 22381850